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In Which 100 Japanese Things Shall Be Revealed, So That You May Learn Much Japanese From Them

Thing #12: What is Playing at Your Town Festival (Begin’s “Nada Sousou”) June 15, 2009

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Somewhere near you, there is a festival and a stage and a young boy and girl are doing their first ever live performance of this song:

Um, that is, if you live in Japan. This is a fairly recent track (lyrics by Ryouko Moriyama, music by BEGIN) that now turns up at matsuris and school festivals everywhere.

「涙そうそう」 (Okinawan reading “なだそうそう”, note the difference from the standard 涙 reading of ”なみだ”) is Okinawa-dialect for 「涙がぽろぽろこぼれ落ちる」. Which is Japanese for (roughly)  “Stream of Tears”

Here’s a translation of the song to English (Natsukawa Rimi version), and here’s  a few Japanese commentators talking about the story behind the lyrics .


BONUS: If you like the Okinawan stuff, here’s one you’ll definitely hear being covered: 島唄 (”Shima Uta”). Here’s a super-subbed (English, romaaji, kanji) version:

AND FOR FELLOW SANSHIN STUDENTS: A Japanese-American who studied at Ryukyu university set Simple Sanshin Source, a site that teaches the basics of Okinawan Sanshin. (On hiatus, but lots of good stuff there.)


3 Responses to “Thing #12: What is Playing at Your Town Festival (Begin’s “Nada Sousou”)”

  1. sukocchi Says:

    Dude, I love BEGIN’s version of 島人ぬ宝 too:

    Makes me want to eat chinsuko and taco rice and…actually go to Okinawa.

  2. loopdoop Says:

    Next time include sources please =)

  3. Saleem Says:

    Sure, but what kind of sources do you mean? These were all found just through Google searches, but is that the kind of source you’re talking about?

    Happy to help in any way I can, let me know.

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