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In Which 100 Japanese Things Shall Be Revealed, So That You May Learn Much Japanese From Them

Signs: “Infrequent Sign Roundups” Lives! December 16, 2008

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Fresh Japanese signs, ripe for the SRSing. Go!

(As always, the English is just approximate)

Hey Signs, whatchyou got to say about my dog?

No Producing Freakish Cross Breeds of Dog-Cats and Then Giving Them Retro-70's Haircuts, Please


いぬ を つれて けいだい に たちいる こと きんじます。 だいほんざんしょうこくじ。

Note:  大本山相国寺 is the name of the temple. The rest of the sign says, pretty much what you’d guess it would: You can’t bring your dog into the grounds.


And what of men who have spectacular hair? What do they have to say?

It's Navitime in Pompadour Land


ろせんず を みてる キミ!

You (there), looking at the train line map!

のりかえ いがい にも、しんぱい すべき こと が あるんじゃないか?

Aren’t there some things other than (just) train transfers that you should be worried about?

電車 飛行機 クルマ 徒歩
でんしゃ ひこうき クルマ とほ

Train , Plane, Car, By foot
けーたい そうごう ナビゲーション

Comprehensive cell-phone navigation (system)


And, sadly, a sign with Japanese that lacks the charm of its English:

Train Station, Kyoto, Japan

嵯峨野 観光 鉄道
さがの かんこう てつどう


That last one just reads, roughly, “Sagano Sight-seeing Rail”

Apologies if that isn’t romantic enough for you. But that’s all the love I have to give.

Worry not, the new years will bring some fresh signs and projects. Til then, we’ll stay irregular as your grandpa. (Might we suggest plopping the feed into Google Reader?)


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