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Sign Roundup: Swimming in Subways, Blood Tests, The Impact of Smoking September 2, 2008

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Booyah! A rush of signs! Hiragana and English explanations follow:


Not On the Subway


Detail of bottom:
detail of subway sign


aids sign

“Deleted” text reads: 献血いってエイズ検査してみよっか!

Red text reads:

感染病 (肝炎・エイズ等 )



Explanations (note: English translations are rough as always, we’re mainly here to get you signs)

First up, one of my favorite signs of all time, as it links cramming into subways to swimming:


海   で  やろう。

うみ  で  やろう

(beach) (at) (do)

Do it at the beach!

駆け込み 乗車 は 危険 です。

かけこみ じょうしゃ は  きけん です。

(cramming in) (train riding) (topic marker) (is dangerous)


(Please stop)

Please do not rush into the train as it is dangerous.


“Deleted” text:

献血 いって エイズ 検査 してみよっか!

けんけつ      いって エイズ けんさ  してみよっか!

(blood donation) (go) (aids) (check) (try it out, shall we?)

How about going in to donate blood to check if you have AIDs?

Red text:

感染病  (肝炎  エイズ )
かんせんびょう   かんえん  えいず

(infectious disease) (hepatitis) (AIDS)

検査  目的    の  献血    は

けんさ  もくてき  の  けんけつ   は

(check up) ( goal) (の) (blood donaion) (as for)


ぜったい  やめましょう!

(definitely) (let’s stop!)

Let’s definitely stop donating blood as a way to figure out if you have an infectious disease like AIDS or hepatitis!

SIDENOTE: I was actually surprised to learn that this was an issue, but, now that I think about it, makes sense.



しょうげき 、 あらわる。

(impact) (appears)

Whoop, there it is.


Okay, Scott, who’s helping me with these, is a professional translator, but he admits that last little translation is a bit unprofessional. But he hopes you get the gist.

As always, take pictures of any signs you like and send them over.


2 Responses to “Sign Roundup: Swimming in Subways, Blood Tests, The Impact of Smoking”

  1. phauna Says:

    I’m glad you finally updated, but I just couldn’t wait that long.

  2. Saleem Says:

    Hey phauna, we’re glad that you’re glad. August was a little crazy for us…

    These are just signs that we’ve seen ourselves, if folks send them to us, we guarantee a quicker turn-around 🙂

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