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Sign(s) #2: Your Mutant Family May (Not?) Bike Here July 11, 2008

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Our own Jason Ho sent this from his commute to work today.

He would like you to know that he enjoys signs that depict mutant figures.

And they are cutest when in ambiguous spacial relation to a bike, aren’t they?



This one means: Bicycle passage permitted [i.e. walking or biking okay, no cars though]

Alas, they are sometimes on their own.







(a road for walkers [i.e. no cars], bicycles can’t drive here either)

NOTE: That も is kind of funny, right? But it’s just because it’s implied first that cars aren’t allowed.


Ah, young mutant family, how we love your delightful hand-holding ways. May you instruct us eternally!

AND: Keep them signs coming.

PLUS: Thanks to Scott as always for proofing this for me. He keeps me sharp on them long and short “Oh”s. (ほこうしゃよう, etc.)


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