100 Japanese Things

In Which 100 Japanese Things Shall Be Revealed, So That You May Learn Much Japanese From Them

Quick Note: We are now 100JapaneseThings.com, PLUS: Flags! March 17, 2008

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Remember last week, when we were young and in love and you frequently called me up to say, “Oh, 100japanesethings.wordpress.com, I cannot stop reloading you!”.Well, I would like to inform you that THINGS HAVE CHANGED. By which I mean our URL. Because now it’s just 100JapaneseThings.com.

The love, however, remains.


But soft! Did you fear that I would leave you without a smidgen of Japanese? Never! Even our metaposts have Japanese things. Such as…

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Ambassador Kids Website

They’ve got this lovely little page with pictures of all the flags of the world and each contry’s katakana name.

Some are easy.

Samoa? サモア, of course.

Some don’t have English as the root, so you get, for example, the well known Germany=ドイツ

The tricky to remember ones are just a touch off from English:

Holland? オランダ

Jordan? ヨルダン

But what’s that, old veteran? All that is cake?

Well, can you say, THE REPUBLIC OF KIRIBATI? Huh? Well, can you? Now you can.

NEXT UP: Something less practical.


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