100 Japanese Things

In Which 100 Japanese Things Shall Be Revealed, So That You May Learn Much Japanese From Them

Thing #5: Lay Your Building Blocks Before Talking About Poop March 9, 2008

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This guy says the biggest mistake of trying to learn Japanese is by using English grammer patterns to teach it. At Guide to Japanese he tries to explain Japanese from a Japanese point of view so you are not trying to create a Japanese sentence that is an mutated freakazoid English equivalent.

He attempts to lay down the building blocks–something essential to reaching a profficient level of Japanese. It does not offer quick fixes or travel-book phrases. Therefore, the beginning might be slow, but it will save you time and broken Japanese hearts in the end.

Nail the basics. Then start reading crazy shit like this poop fortune teller where your personality will be revealed by the consistency of your stool.

Phrases from the site:


うんこ うらない

Poop fortune teller


あなた を たすけてくれる のは へ

Farts will bring good luck (lit. Farts are the ones that help you)


あなた の じゃま を する のは げり

Diarrhea will get in your way.


きょう の あなた の だつふんうん は しょうきち

Today’s fecal luck level is small luck.

Possible outcomes form the fortune teller:





かちかち べん

hard poop


a fly

Bonus Phrase:


だいべん が でそう だ

I have a turtle’s head.


2 Responses to “Thing #5: Lay Your Building Blocks Before Talking About Poop”

  1. ChrisG Says:

    I never thought I’d find an awesome Japanese language resource (Guide to Japanese) through an article about a Japanese poop fortune teller.

    The internet is a wonderful place.

  2. eat a bug Says:

    Hey ChrisG,

    Glad to hear it! Guess your “fecal luck level” was 大吉(big luck)!

    May the poop be with you(^-^)

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