100 Japanese Things

In Which 100 Japanese Things Shall Be Revealed, So That You May Learn Much Japanese From Them

Thing #4: Japan Rebel Scum March 2, 2008

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Learning language through a hobby is a fun way to pick up new words and make studying feel like you aren’t even studying. One of my own personal hobbies is collecting toys. Action figures, vinyl dolls, finger puppets, wind-up toys–you name it and I’m interested. Especially living in Japan, there are so many types of toys, it’s hard to ever run out of things to collect(may be detrimental to your wallet, however). But let’s say you haven’t broken into the Japanese toy scene just yet and focus primarily on oh, let’s say Star Wars figures. Guess what–you can collect in Japanese now thanks to a new site, Japan.Rebelscum.Com.

This collector’s site started in the USA as Rebelscum.com, then branced off to Europe, and now has representation in Asia via Japan. The main reason for this is becuase of Japan’s immense contribution to the Star Wars toy collecting society. Japanese toy manufacturers such as Medicom, Tomy, Kotobukiya, and Real Action Heroes provide some of the coolest and finely crafted figures, usually geared for an adult audience, every year.

For example, one of my favorites is a figurine-size remote-controlled R2-D2. It comes with a remote control in the shape of a lightsaber hilt and you can control R2 to go back and forth and beep. And just recently a Japanese company released an R2-D2 soy sauce bottle in which you pour soy sauce OUT OF R2-D2’S EYE. No lie.

Perusing this sight you can build up on some of these vocabs:



(On sale soon)



(Limited edition item)



(Don’t miss it!)

You can also create a username to join in on the forums and practice your typing and reading skills with other Star Wars fans, and talk about exciting topics such as the soon to be released six-breasted dancer from Jabba’s Palace, Yarna d’al ‘ Gargan! (Hell, here’s how you might actually say that: 「奇形な6個の胸を持つ女ダンサー」きけいな ろっこの むねを もつ だんさー)

And if you want to be REALLY cool, you can bust out this phrase the next time you part with your co-workers for the day:


May the Force be With You

Yes, Star Wars lovers in Japan, reason to unite there is.


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